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 INSPIRATION from Nature, Art, Imagination, and Real life.

Unleashing Nature

Unleash .....

Unleash the power and beauty of nature!!!!! Custom live edge! Reclaimed wood and all its wonder!

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Albert Einstein

Exotic wood! Mix it with Epoxy and imagination & you have a piece of art & history.

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Creating something extraordinary out of something that once stood tall, Reclaimed wood!

Kari's One In A Million (behind the scenes)

Kari Janiszewski/Owner&Artist

 Welcome! My name is Kari Janiszewski. I am a mother, artist, nature lover, creator, and more. I started my own business in 2018. I combined my two passions, art & nature, which lead me to live edge tables with epoxy. Live edge designs!

**I only use reclaimed wood. I am so excited to share my work and story with you! Whether you're looking to shop, learn more about live edge & Art, or just browsing through pictures, I'm excited to have you! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

You may not think that décor makes a huge impact on your home. But with the right decorative pieces, you can completely transform a room's aesthetic, vibe, and more. Kari's One In A Million creates durable and unique items that will make you the envy of all your neighbors. Each piece is delicately crafted with care and love.

100% handmade. I always go the extra mile to ensure quality and the best value for my customers.

Would you like one made just for you? Custom orders are available for any size, style, type of wood, resin color and hardware options. Contact us for a free quote today!

So Why reclaimed wood? What makes it so valuable and amazing?

 For many people, having wood that’s rich in history and character adds a special beauty, charm and story to their special place. For some, it’s the conservation element that makes reclaimed wood their number one choice. Others choose reclaimed wood for its durability and strength. And still other choose it for it's extreme beauty and uniqness.

Regardless of the specific reason for choosing reclaimed wood, it’s human nature for all of us to love trees. They’re all around us, and wood is a huge part of our lives, our homes — and our history. Adding a reclaimed live edge wood to your home provides a rustic look that almost seamlessly connects your living space to the natural world and to the past. 


Sprinkle Inspiration Everyday


Painting and anything that has to do with art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. It is theraputic, fun, and you get to display something beautiful and meaningful when your done. I paint with acrylic and oil paints. I also mix paint, resin ice, stones, & more with resin, it creates a different look that is stunning. Most of my art work is on gallery wrapped canvases. I've done a few on wood boards etc.  My Paintings express real life emotions. Every painting has a story behind it. I felt inspired to share my art with others, hoping to inspire and bring hope & beauty to those around me.

*Wood Work*

Wood is something I find absolutely amazing and fascinating! It is natures art and so much more. Which is why I started making live edge tables. Live edge tables, from reclaimed wood, is my specialty. I enjoy Sanding each slab and finding all the amazing markings and counting the endless rings. Creating something beautiful out of a tree that once stood tall but was taken down due to weather, bugs, etc.  Every live edge design is hand made, I focus in on the beautiful lines and colors enhancing them so they shine. 

Reclaimed, live edge

Every Live Edge slab tells a story. The rings not only tell you it's age but the long history of its existence. Making every slab unique and beautiful.

The Soul, Art & Craftsmanship in Natural Live Edge is something that's born within side you. It's very hard work but I personally love it! One of the greatest things about live edge furniture is that no two slabs are the same. Every piece is unique. BUY HANDMADE, be One In A Million not One of Millions. Every live edge is reclaimed and hand sanded by me. I can not express how beautiful live edge tables are. The pictures do not do justice. I love them all. 

There is a gigantic level of dedication and physical work when it comes to live edge. You have to have the passion and love for this work to make it work!
I look at the patterns and even voids in a raw slab to maximize the characteristics each piece has the potential to offer. That is what makes every piece so amazing. Sublime! Exquisite! Dazzling!

Picture of before and after. Live edge maple. Spalted beautifully

 Before & after of a live edge maple.

▪ How It All Began ▪

~ How I started  ~

How I started creating art and live edge tables... I wanted to make my son a chair from wood. After a very interesting and fun experience I was hooked.  I kept playing around and making different things, now, 5 years later I have an Etsy shop, website, and customers from all over.

I've always loved painting and have always painted on canvases since I can remember. After kids I had a life changing experience that made me have to take a step back and find myself. I poured my emotions into many paintings and chainsawing during that time;) I wanted to give hope and encouragement to any and everyone going through hard times. So I started to share my work and things went from there.

Combining my two passions for nature and art lead me to live edge with resin. Every peice has a funny and interesting story behind it. It's not easy to find reclaimed wood that is just right for a table and it is not easy to lift wood onto a truck or car. I've had to roll wood down streets to my home, I've broken a dolly trying to get a massive cedar slab into my girlfriends car, I could go on and on. The struggle of finding and moving wood is real but worth it every time! I've gotten lucky and have found some absolutely stunning pieces! The lines, the shape, the colors, all amazing! Something about sanding and chainsawing is very therapeutic as well. 

Live Edge.. why so valuable? Where do I begin, not only are they unique but the trees that produce some of these slabs are extremely old, most trees for lumber are only around 25 years old. The older trees, I find just by pure luck, have fallen due to a storm, etc. 

Every one of my paintings has a story as Well. My emotions go into my paintings. I love expressing myself through art. 
Creating art and being amazed at Gods Art. Couldn't ask for a better job.

The Beginning... My first resin table and painting

Resin!  It was a love hate relationship in the beginning;) many trial and errors. I've got it down now after many disasters. I've had paint and resin mix looking like a huge marshmallow in between the cracks of a tree and many awful, sticky, messes when it did not cure at all. That's just naming a few disastrous experiencesI have it down packed now though ;) I love the way it looks alone, with paint, resin ice, glow, and more. Options are endless.

My 1st Wood Project

My first wood project, took months. My girlfriend and I made a chair for my son. This Cedar, to this day, has been the most difficult project by far. Maybe it was because I was  inexperienced, maybe it was because I didn't have the right tools, or maybe it was because the heart (the hardest part of the wood) was massive. Once it became a chair I used a Dremel tool to carve angel wings and the letter P on the back. Then I mixed resin and glow and white paint, which ended up exploding like a marshmallow, into the carved lines. After months of hard work it was finished. Needless to say my son will be taking this chair to college with him.

The Process... finding, loading, cutting, sanding, and more.

The Art Of It...

The Work that goes into live edge 

This work is not for everyone. One must have a strong passion and huge dedication. The finding of reclaimed wood is harder than you would think. Then you have to transfer that bad boy. Wood is very heavy! Once transferred you can start chainsawing. 

4 pictures showing process of live edge transformation


Once you have your slab cut, you then make sure all bugs are out (as Many as possible). My favorite part is next.... sanding! This is when you discover what colors and markings your slab has! Sand to perfection, and sand some more. Sanding is huge! 

NEXT comes the resin or finish and legs.

Live edge red cedar

Live Edge with resin

This is what resin mixed with resin ice looks like in the middle of a slab. I also mix resin with glow and other products for a special look.

Resin mixed with glow and resin ice

What is spalted?

"Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi. Although primarily found in dead trees, spalting can also occur in living trees under stress. Although spalting can cause weight loss and strength loss in the wood, the unique coloration and patterns of spalted wood are sought by woodworkers.[1]" 

Basically all the amazing black lines and different colors in some slabs. Spalted wood is beautiful!

Spalted reclaimed live edge maple

Zone line (spalting)

Zone lines
Dark dotting, winding lines and thin streaks of red, brown and black are known as zone lines. This type of spalting does not occur due to any specific type of fungus, but is instead an interaction zone in which different fungi have erected barriers to protect their resources.[8] They can also be caused by a single fungus delineating itself. The lines are often clumps of hard, dark mycelium, referred to as pseudosclerotial plate formation.[11]
Zone lines themselves do not damage the wood. However, the fungi responsible for creating them often do.

Sweetest story to go along with the sweetest wood!

Box Elder

I know a pretty Amazing older gentleman and he has discovered sanding is theraputic for him. We recently were lucky enough to stumble upon some box elder wood. Wounded box elder wood. The gentleman I know worked hard to get a peice done for his Grandson and he did.  It's beautiful. I keepsake for sure!

My Latest Additions 

This beauty is amazing. Very old cedar from swamp in AR.

Red Cedar

Reclaimed Live edge. Spalted Walnut! Huge, beautiful, spalting is stunning!

red and pink marks from box elder tree

Box Elder! Red and pink lines produced when a box elder in wounded.

One Of My Favorite Customers! 

In honor of 1 amazing customer.... my Grandma!

My Grandma is not only the best Grandma ever but she is the best person ever. She's an amazing woman, with a massive heart. A God fearing woman who has set an amazing example for all of us grandkids. She came to visit after going through a hard time and fell in love with a spalted maple live edge table. (She has good taste as well) I'm so happy she now has it in her new home. It makes my soul happy! I pray it brightens up her room and is a conversation peice! I love it!

My amazing customer, my grandma, and her live edge table


  • “I love my new table! I’m inspired to salvage those three slices I have in my yard! Would you mind if I ask you questions along the way?"

Testimonial from our client
  • "We love this table Kari made for us. It was a pleasure working with her.  I was kept informed about the progress.  shipping was fast and the table was wrapped securely. Kari  communicated with me throughout the whole process. Thank you, Kari- stunning work!!!

-  -gidgetinsb

Testimonial from our client

So beautiful! This is the perfect piece for my new apartment. Loved the personilzed thank you note too, so sweet!

- xtinersoenthal

“Awesome tables !!!! Great quality I have 3 love them all !!!"

- Brittany, Cabot, AR.
Spalted maple side table


"I Absolutely adore this table! The craftsmanship is unmatched and this will be the new centerpiece for my living room. It feels like a living peice of furniture. So much wonderful energy from this peice. Beyond grateful to have discovered Kari and her shop."

JennGram from CA.
Customer sent me pictures of table in her home


Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me and ask away! 

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