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I'm always on the look out for different, stunning species of reclaimed wood. I have a wide range of species right now. I'm more than happy to send you pictures of what I have now and we can go from there. Prices vary. Size of wood, length of legs, value of wood, etc. I would be honored to work with anyone who is interested in bringing a peice of nature into their home. I will communicate with you through out the entire process. Please contact me if you have any questions. ◇ Below there is a section where you can send me your information. ◇ 

Spalted maple live edge


Live edge spalted maple. Over four feet long. Makes a beautiful entryway table, Desk, or office table. Has amazing red and black lines. Reclaimed Wood from Arkansas River. 

Live Edge Epoxy River Table


Big and Blue. Spalted Walnut, live edge. 5 feet by 5 feet of lines that twist and turn and create amazing designs. Blue epoxy flling the hole for a water look, Stones throughout the resin. Reclaimed walnut from the swamps of Arkansas. Spalted, aged, amazing shape, one of a kind peice! Make your place more Zen with a peice of nature. Every ring tells a story and this Live Edge had a long, amazing story. Pictures do no justice on her beauty.

Live Edge Designs 

Live Edge black walnut! Stunning peice! At only a foot and a half long this beauty leaves a lasting impression. Makes a beautiful centerpiece, wall decor, or cutting board. Hand sanded, bark still intact, sealed with resin. One in a million wood! Dark brown Bark intact all the way around.

*Right after the insane walnut you will see a Japanese Maple cake stand. Beautiful wood, blue resin and stone filling the cracks making it just amazing to look at.

Next is one of my favorites! The flawless Cypress! Freshly cut from a tree that had fallen in the Arkansas swamp. She's not finished but will be soon.

Spalted Maple desk. Amazing colors, lines, and curve. Makes a beautiful desk on four pipe legs standing over 5 feet tall. What better place to work than a stunning wood slab from nature herself?

Make your place more Zen by bringing in a peice of nature!

Price: $200.00

Cake stand

Price: $225.00

Price: $160.00

Price: $400.00

Get in touch!

For custom orders I will need a down payment before I begin. I usually have at least one or two finished tables on hand but they tend to go fast. Reach out and I will work with you on getting that perfect peice. 


Live edge transformation