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                    Custom Live edge, Art, and more!

Examples of live edge tables

I take custom orders. I'm always finding different types of amazing reclaimed wood. I have a wide range of species right now. I'm more than happy to send you pictures of what I have now and we can go from there. Prices vary. Size of wood, length of legs, value of wood, etc. I would be honored to work with anyone who is interested in bringing a peice of nature into their home. I will communicate with you through out the entire process. Please contact me if you have any questions. ◇ Below there is a section where you can send me your information. ◇ 

Spalted maple live edge


Live edge spalted maple. Over five feet long. Makes a beautiful walk-in table or Desk. Has amazing red and black lines. Reclaimed Wood from Arkansas River. 

Live Edge Resin Coffee Table


5 feet by 5 feet of lines that twist and turn and create amazing designs. Blue resin filling the hole for a water look. Reclaimed cedar from the swamps of Arkansas. Spalted, aged, amazing shape, one of a kind peice!

Get in touch!

For custom orders I will need a down payment before I begin. I usually have at least one or two finished tables on hand but they tend to go fast. Reach out and I will work with you on getting that perfect peice.